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Safety needs attention. Heating type small appliances are popular this winter.

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As the weather gets colder, heating products are starting to sell. In the interview, the reporter found that in addition to the traditional electric blankets and heaters, this year's home appliance market is booming. Some smart heating products are also sought after by many consumers, such as USB hand warmers, hand warmer mouse pads, and electric heating shoes. Such small household appliances, such intelligent heating equipment with scientific and technological content, convenient and practical, are favored by the public, especially young people.

"This time, some small USB appliances in the store, such as hand warmers, electric heating shoes, etc., are very popular among young people." Li, a hardware gift seller of China Science and Technology Hardware City, told reporters.

Anti-scalding kettle, USB heating gloves, USB hand warmer mouse pad, USB warm seat cushion, cartoon style warm foot slippers... In the hardware city market, the reporter saw that all kinds of heating and heating supplies have different forms and various types. A group of young people are busy picking their favorite cartoon designs and bargaining with the merchants.

"Intelligent heating" adds a lot of warmth in the winter, but this is also a lot of people who are immersed in fish. According to the business introduction, the principles of humidifiers, hand warmer mouse pads, warm foot slippers, cold gloves, anti-scalding kettles, etc. are basically the same, and a special layer of heating material is added inside. After the power is connected, the heating material can be kept 40. Constant temperature around °C. Due to the good sales volume of such smart heating products and the ease of imitation, the quality of similar products in the market is mixed.

“Buy heating and heating small appliances, safety is the most important.” Some shopkeepers suggest that when purchasing heating products, you should not only focus on the shape but ignore the quality. Before buying, you should check whether the product has a certificate or a manufacturer. In addition, before powering up, check the heating supplies for leakage.