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Electric kettle into the family must-have traditional thermos suffer from cold

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In recent years, more and more families have lost the huge figure of water dispensers, replaced by small and light electric kettles.

The electric kettle is beautiful and saves water, and it can quickly meet the daily water demand. It doesn't have to bother to think about how to clean it, so it is favored by many consumers.

Electric kettle into the family must
Recently, reporters visited some supermarkets and appliance stores in Xichang. From electric water bottles and electric water bottles of several hundred yuan, to high-end electric water heaters of nearly one thousand yuan, but the electric kettle with convenient appearance and small appearance is the most popular. Welcome, and they are all in a more conspicuous position, and have become a long-term hot product.

"Our family didn't use teapots to boil water. They used electric kettles. Now even my grandmother and my family use electric kettles. I think my family and friends around me have an electric kettle. It feels necessary. The product, to be honest, the electric kettle is not expensive, it is indeed more convenient to use than the teapot and thermos." Wang Xia, the shopping guide of Gome's beauty counter, said that in the small appliance store, the electric kettle is a hot product. In appearance, there are many kinds, square, round, and elliptical; stainless steel and glass in the material; white, red, blue, etc. in color, consumers can Choose your own preferences, prices range from 100 yuan to 900 yuan.

Fast boiling water function
Alternative thermos“The pace of life is so fast, and the products that are quick and convenient to use are particularly good to sell. Therefore, the electric water bottles and electric water bottles that have both functions of boiling water and heat preservation quickly replace the traditional thermos bottles.” Dada Shopping Plaza Philips Lu Zhenyang, a shopping guide, told reporters.

Ms. Luo, who is buying an electric kettle, said that it takes about 10 minutes to burn a pot of water with natural gas. Even if it is heated in an induction cooker, it takes at least 5 minutes. The boiled water should be poured into the thermos to ensure that it is always available. There is hot water to drink, and the electric kettle can be boiled for up to 3 minutes. One is to save time, and the second is to avoid the trouble of watering. Ms. Luo said that the thermos still looks unattractive at home, and many of the electric kettles now look good, even if they are placed in the living room.

Not long ago, Jiang Ayi, who lives in Ganluo, opened a tea house in Ganluo, because it is necessary to pour tea into the guests at any time. The thermos bottle is indispensable, but the insulation effect of the old-style thermos bottle is not satisfactory, and the guests are soaked. Tea needs fresh water, and the hot water poured into the thermos can't be used for hours. Her child bought her several electric kettles online. Jiang Ayi said that the electric kettle is really convenient. The thermos have been placed in the corner for a long time and have not been used.

The boiling water bottle is not as favored as it used to be. Another important reason is that water heaters are popular in urban households today. The faucets have hot and cold switches. Washing your feet can directly discharge hot water. You don't have to take cold water as in the past. Add boiling water in.

Environmentally friendly material
Higher safety factor
It is well known that the use of glass products for boiling water requires very high material requirements. According to Lu Zhenyang, the shopping guide of the Philips counter in Dada Shopping Plaza, most of the current glass water bottles are made of high borosilicate glass. It is a special glass material, which is resistant to acid and alkali, has excellent corrosion resistance and has good performance. Stability. Apply it to the electric kettle, it can resist corrosion, prevent precipitation, resist high temperature and prevent cracking, and have better resistance to temperature difference. In high-intensity alternating heat and cold, it will not be easily broken like ordinary glass. And its translucent bottle body looks more exquisite and beautiful, double-layer anti-scalding cup, the outer layer is resistant to high temperature, preventing heat loss, and the middle insulation layer is not safe.

The health of babies has always been highly valued by the state, so baby products are made of very good and safe materials in strict accordance with the standards. The borosilicate glass material is also widely used in baby bottles. The high borosilicate glass material of the high borosilicate electric kettle meets the safety standard of the baby bottle, high quality and healthy, and it is safer and safer by using the boiled water to prepare the milk powder.

In addition, the borosilicate electric kettle has the characteristics of no odor and easy cleaning. The borosilicate glass material is clean and clear without odor, and the dirt is easy to clean. The borosilicate glass electric kettle has become an outstanding representative of the new generation of electric kettles, and the borosilicate electric kettles are among the best in the market with excellent performance and safety standards.

electric kettle
Precautions for use
An electric kettle is a small household appliance that is often used and used very frequently in people's lives. So what should be paid attention to during the use of the electric kettle? Below, Tian Rui, deputy store manager of Gome Walking Street, has compiled the use and maintenance knowledge of the electric kettle.

Place the electric kettle on a level surface. After turning on the power, press the water switch. At this time, be sure to add water to the pot. Remember to dry it to avoid a safety accident. Do not overfill with water, so as to prevent the water from spilling out of the pot and drenching the base, causing leakage. Be sure to turn off the power after the water is turned on, and then unplug the power plug before pouring water.

The electric kettle boils water because of its high thermal efficiency. The kettle boils a pot of water, only about 3 to 5 minutes, so pay attention to the water opening time. After the kettle is used for a period of time, a layer of white scale will be formed in the kettle, and the scale will have a bad influence on the human body. Therefore, descaling treatment is required after a break time.

Maintenance work
To extend the life of the kettle, the sediment in the kettle should be cleaned regularly. Always disconnect the power supply when cleaning. Do not soak the kettle base in the water to avoid blistering of the internal parts.

It can be done at home by washing it, just mix the vinegar and water into the kettle, then turn on the power, let the kettle work and wait for it to automatically break. Pour in water and work again. Pour off the water and remove the scale and vinegar. Finally, clean the inside of the pot with clean water. Repeat the above operation.